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Hitachi FOCUS Magazine, Winter 2020

FOCUS magazine, first published in 2003, was inspired by a team of Kawasaki dealer personnel, satisfied customers and an eager Kawasaki marketing team who wanted to bring compelling stories, tips and industry news to wheel loader users throughout North America. Fifteen years later, our goals remain the same, our focus renewed with the global vision of Hitachi.

Just in time for snowy weather, Hitachi’s ZW80 provides the “perfect snow machine” for Reliable Plowing Specialists Inc. The Macedonia, Ohio-based company services 450 commercial properties, and President Norm Detrick says the snow removal business requires total customer satisfaction — something the ZW80 helps achieve. Read about their business success.

When Seward Township in Illinois needed to replace their motor grader, they chose a new Hitachi ZW180-6 wheel loader for its versatility. Now, they can offer snow removal, light earthmoving applications and even a rescue operation. Read about the way Hitachi makes their jobs safer and easier. 

Hitachi debuts its new compact wheel loader ZW30 T4F, an easy-to-operate, safe and productive model that offers tremendous visibility. See the details of the new ZW30 T4F.

The dangers of dust and airborne debris is harmful to the health and safety of your operators. Hitachi, in partnership with Sy-Klone, is adding the RESPA Cab Air Quality System that can be installed on any machine with an enclosed cab. Find information about the RESPA kits for select Hitachi wheel loader models. 

J.D. Raymond Transport wanted to expand into the concrete market. They bought Haley Construction and leased the Hitachi ZW180-6 and the ZW220-6 after testing them in the new operation. Follow their decision-making process.




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