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HCMA After Sales Solutions focuses on programs and processes that will allow you to manage your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) easily and quickly. Your Hitachi Wheel Loader dealer is ready to assist you with any of these services.

Global e-Service serves as the Hitachi platform to access all of your After Sales Solutions.

We’re coming in fully loaded with:

PARTS - Because if it’s not Hitachi, it’s second-best

SUPPORT SERVICES - Deliver the After Sales Solutions that help you build higher profitability into your business. This includes MARCs (Maintenance and Repair Contracts).

CONSITE - Utilize today’s most advanced maintenance technology for premier service. Manage the total cost of ownership whether for one machine or your entire fleet.

REMANUFACTURING - Genuine factory reman to keep your machines in “original” condition through their second life.

TRAINING - On-site and online training programs to help you and your team keep your machines running efficiently and productively.

EXTENDED WARRANTY - The HELP you need to grow peace-of-mind with the Hitachi Extended Life Program.

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Bringing You Genuine Hitachi Parts

Your Hitachi Wheel Loader Dealer has all of the programs and tools to support your parts requirements.

Hitachi offers a wide range and high availability of parts provided by HCMA’s U.S. parts warehouse.
• Hitachi Genuine Parts: allow machines to work longer, with lower running and maintenance costs.

• Hitachi Select Parts and Genuine Parts: are of proven quality and come with the manufacturer’s warranty.

• Performance Parts: to cope with highly demanding conditions, engineered for greater durability,  better performance, and longer life. Whatever the choice, the renowned quality of Hitachi construction machinery parts is assured.

Whatever the choice, the renowned quality of Hitachi construction machinery parts is assured.



Get Proactive for After Sales Service

Work with HCMA's dedicated distribution network to expand and refine the most profitable part of your business. With hands‑on experience supporting Hitachi wheel loaders, as well as our legacy loaders, your dealer, in conjunction with the HCMA Support Team is ready to provide you the support you need to keep your Hitachi loaders up and running, productively and efficiently.

Cutting Edge Technology From Hitachi

ConSite is Hitachi’s full data toolkit with a suite of apps for managing loader performance and productivity. It tracks performance metrics like idle time, operating time, and fuel efficiency along with location services in real-time, and it alerts users to maintenance schedules. (When they get notified for service attention, you do too!)

Our “Predict & Prevent” approach to loader maintenance is intuitive and informative. It’s user-friendly at the front end, connecting you to a powerful behind-the-scenes data platform. Click here for more information about ConSite



Delivering Advanced Asset Management Information

This platform makes it easy for you to deliver the advanced asset management information that top fleets demand today. It is quick and simple to customize your own dashboard allowing functionality that you need at your fingertips to manage your fleet and plan service proactively.

From your office desktop or in the field with mobile devices, connect directly to your personal Global e-Service dashboard. Here you can select from charts, graphs, or straight data to review the status of your rental fleet:

  • Group machines by site, project, or region
  • View current data, or historical data such as operating hours, fuel usage, power mode use, CO2 emissions
  • View ConSite Oil Diagnostics Report
  • Receive monthly maintenance reminders and reports

Click here to check in on your Global e-Service dashboard:



Hitachi brings new life to tough machines

Factory remanufacturing offers an affordable and sustainable alternative to new components that hold their “original” quality.

Our state-of-the-art Reman facility is located in the HCMA Corporate Campus in Newnan, Georgia. The Reman Center produces HCMA Certified Remanufactured Components designed to ensure you receive parts that are:

  • Built to the most current Hitachi specs by factory trained specialized technicians.
  • Backed by the Hitachi Reman Warranty; 1 year/1,500 hours
  • Environmentally responsible in performance and in reman processes.
  • A cost-efficient alternative to new components using only Hitachi Construction Machinery Genuine Parts in the reman process
  • Direct shipped to you wherever you or your crews are working.
  • Thoroughly tested utilizing a load-cell and computer controls from model-specific machines to ensure the component tested uses the same computer parameters the loaders are running in the field.

Current inventories of HCMA Certified Remanufactured Components:

  • Axles
  • Differentials
  • Transmissions
  • Torque Converters
  • Cylinders
  • Starters
  • Alternators



Professionally trained at our campus in Newnan, Georgia, your Hitachi Wheel Loader Dealer will give you and your team the latest updates and insider insights to deliver the best in technical support. Learn to save time troubleshooting, solve problems utilizing your mobile devices, and provide real-time solutions on demand.

Contact your Hitachi Wheel Loader Dealer to make arrangements for on-site training.


Consider HCMA's HELP for longer machine life!

The Hitachi Extended Life Program (HELP) is a unique extended warranty designed to optimize the performance of your machine, or fleet machines, to reduce downtime while ensuring a higher resale value. Coverage is available, depending on the model, from 3 years and 5,000 hours up to 5 years and 10,000 hours. An Extended Warranty can be purchased at any time within the standard warranty period (2 years/2,000 hours).

Hitachi has you covered, bumper to bumper!

  • Delivers peace-of-mind
  • Partner with Hitachi for the ongoing service of Hitachi wheel loaders.
  • Guaranteed Hitachi Premium parts and components, upgraded to the latest specs and technology.